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Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and the 99 Cents Store

You’re probably asking “what on earth do these three places have in common”?, and you know what, I am a bit unsure myself. All I know is that in some way they are linked to my happiest memories from home. I’ve lived in Australia for nearly 5 years now and though I accept it as my home and love it dearly, I still unfortunately experience home “cravings” from time to time. I no longer call it homesickness, as homesickness and a twinge for home or “craving” as I call it, are two very different things. The first year after I had moved to Australia and even well into the second year I was homesick. The homesickness didn’t affect me every day, but when it struck it was worse than the flu, debilitating and painful. I felt helpless and unable to concentrate or function properly. I could compare it to the feeling you have after you lose a loved one. That inescapable feeling that things will never be normal again and functioning without them is impossible. Back then I was holding on for dear life as I waited for what I was told would happen, to happen. I was waiting for the unfamiliar to become familiar. I was waiting for the smell of damp earth after the torrential rain to make me feel anything except uncomfortable. I was waiting for the sounds of the native birds in the morning to remind me that I was home, instead of an early morning notification that I was thousands of miles from the hum of my local freeway outside my window. It wasn’t my first time feeling homesick, after spending several years overseas when I was growing up I should have been a pro. But there was one very distinct difference this time. I didn’t have my family with me. I didn’t have a support network. My success depended largely on my determination to stick it out and make the best of things. I remember googling homesickness and trying to find cures and aids, much like you would if you were experiencing a health condition (you know you do it too). It was something to pass the time, but it wasn’t very helpful. Eventually, things became less foreign. After a few complete seasons I started recognising the indications on the native plants that the season was changing. Certain scents and songs began reminding me of times spent in Australia instead of home. I now breeze through my days hardly giving a second thought about where I live or goods and services available… except occasionally, and thats when one of these three places will flit across my mind. Sometimes its a weather pattern, a ray of light, a scent, a song, or a warm dry breeze blowing across the tarmac in one of the outports like broken hill. And then it hits me, just for a second, its almost tangible pain. Pain so sharp and palpable it momentarily takes my breath away. A reminder of a place that exists that I am no longer a part of. As humans, it is my belief that we are largely comfort seeking individuals. We desire financial security, a comfortable home, a reliable car, a sustainable job and the people we love to be preferably close by. When any of these items are removed, we become uncomfortable and it sends us into comfort seeking mode. So how does this relate to diet? Massively! Food is for most of us a comfort item. Sure its a necessity and ideally that is how we would treat our dietary habits, however not many of us do. Even now, when I catch a cold, I fondly remember laying in the arm chair at my Mimi’s (my grandmothers) house while she served me hot tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. The food is tied to the memory of absolute love and comfort. Its not just comfort either, its pure joy! Bbq’s on the Fourth of July! Turkey on Thanksgiving and chocolate on Valentines day. The food we crave and eat regularly are intricately woven into our lifestyles and our happiest celebrations. When we take it all away, it feels like we are removed from normality and comfort.. home. We basically become “homesick” for the foods we have grown accustomed to. To make matters worse, there are scents, and visual reminders everywhere that keep these items fresh in our minds. It can feel a lot like torture. The hardest part can be when this torture is self inflicted! You may start your day feeling great and ready to shun the meat, dairy and sugar eating world forever. You may even feel a bit self righteous as you pass on the cappuccino and order yourself a long black. But come mid-day or late afternoon your squirming as your searching for a bit of comfort. This is the hardest part, and this is where some support is beneficial. Whether it be a friend, an online support group or even your family, asking for support is a fantastic way of feeling less alone on the journey. Remembering why you started the journey becomes hard when the cravings hit, and thats why its crucial to have someone to remind you. The most important thing to remember is that even though a lentil burger wrapped in lettuce is hardly reminiscent of a cheeseburger, it will eventually be tied to a memory, a happy one. After a year, every memory from the previous year will be bound to healthy food and lifestyle. The subsequent years will follow and all of a sudden what was once foreign and uncomfortable becomes shiny, new, exciting and best of all more comfortable. So while I may never understand why Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and the 99 cents store are my triggers for a bout of “home craving”, what I do know is that I appreciate them as a reminder of where I came from and a promise that with determination, I can overcome anything.
Cheers- Amber